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The night, the light, the family, everything seemed to come together just perfectly for this family portrait session. To be honest, the whole process was quite serendipitous. Waiting for the perfect night and trying to orchestrate not just one family’s schedule, but three, can be quite the undertaking. Lucky for me this family seemed to share my belief, that it would all work out just as it should, and it did in more ways than you could ever imagine. The reward… together, forever, always. read more

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Smith-6757It delights me to spend my evening in the warm glow of magic hour with a family that is on the brink of welcoming a new member. I always thought with my first child, how could I possibly love the new baby as much as I love my first, but the heart has an amazing capacity for expansion and seems grow unconditionally with each new miracle. Capturing these moments this magical summer evening, I realized that they too were about to embark on this realization. Love is in the air… read more

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These girls! What a way to spend a day chasing these beautiful, delightful little girls around. So full of imagination and spunk. I love this age.

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